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As a joint initiative between American Science and Technology and Chicago State University, the Center for Alternative Energy Technology (CAET) is performing basic and applied research to evaluate, develop, and commercialize alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, as well as alternative energy technologies such as
fuel-cell, bio-fuel, direct carbon, and energy seo company harvesting from solar, wind, and other natural resources.

The mission of CAET is to develop and promote consumption of all potentially new alternative energy sources and systems that can help our nation achieve energy independence.

CAET Areas of Focus

        - Low / High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells
        - Direct Carbon Fuel Cells

        - Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

        - Portable Hydrogen Generation

        - Hydrogen Production from Coal

        - Hydrogen Generation from Non-Petroleum Resources - Bio-Fuel from Agricultural Waste

        - High Performance Wind Energy Conversion

        - Light Weight Thin Film Solar Cells

        - Waste Energy Harvesting

        - Microwave Technology Applications in Organic
          and Inorganic Materials Research
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